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Why do we feel what we are doing is innovative?

We want to turn learning into an adventure!

Our aim was to create all the engaging and interactive elements of current courses and make them more dynamic, more fun, more versatile, and most importantly more accessible, more affordable and even more relevant.

In doing all of this we wanted to help vet students get EMS credits without travelling, by presenting online courses for them to do at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Dynamic – our lessons are always growing so once a student signs up they will get even more value for money with the ever increasing number of resources.

Fun – encouraging interaction from students and communities all over the world and also bringing in multiple collaborators.

Versatile – we constantly took on board feedback, requests and were always tweaking. We also personalised learning through flipped classrooms and hybrid programmes.

Accessible – education is expensive and so we wanted to provide ways for anyone to get involved. This led to ambassador programmes, virtual volunteering and virtual internships.

Affordable – instead of the standard big course big cost model, we broke our courses down into stand alone modules allowing students to mix and match and set their own budgets. It also proved a less daunting purchase.

Credible – world renown wildlife vet Dr Peter Rogers led the way, close in tow by several projects and collaborators from all over South Africa and the world.

Relevant – we remained relevant by enlisting this help from current vet students to help design and improve all lessons, modules and courses. They also hosted monthly livestreams to give it a more peer to peer as well as teacher to student feel.

We get a high not from selling courses or experiences, but from growing our community. Supporting our partners and projects is important, but it is not as important as how much we inspire you. Because if you are inspired you will share your experience.

Conservation isn’t business, it’s personal. We take everything personally, because it is not about how much buy, but how much you get out of it.

We don’t sell courses or experiences, we sell inspiration.

We don’t want once off customers, we want an inspired community.

Roger Wynne, Founder The Expedition Project


Thank you for the recognition. Read full GoAbroad blog here.

The journey is not over, but recognition is much appreciated.